Namaste' and Welcome

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All classes offered are inter-disciplinary in style.

In simple terms Hatha yoga is the practice of yoga which incorporates relaxation, balance, and stability.

Classes are infused with teachings on becoming a good listener and communicator as well as learning how to tune into own individual mind and body.

Our community has been unfolding and growing for more than twenty years. We are a Yoga Family.

Classes are for women or men who:

  • have never done yoga but are reasonably physically fit
  • currently have a yoga practice
  • have practiced yoga in the past
  • are able to get up and down from the floor unassisted
  • desire a sense of community, support, and connection

If you are pregnant I will be happy to refer you to
Pregnancy Yoga classes.
Any concerns or questions can be addressed to me by email or in person prior to the start of class.