Our Journey

Hello Everyone,

I’m writing this in ‘Our’ Journey section as I believe my move from the village into the town has not only been participated in by me but also by all of you. You, who have so kindly supported me with donated items, cards, gifts, well wishes, time, energy and vehicles to shift me, my dog and my ‘stuff’.

Thank you all for your kind, thoughtful and caring energies during a very stressful time. I am so grateful to be part of this lovely Yogahouse community and now a part of the Stamford community too!!

I hope we can continue to grow in this manner of cooperation, sharing and giving support just as we have been on our Yogahouse Stamford UK Facebook Group in our recycling efforts. And I hope too that we can expand our community in many other ways.

In gratitude,

Me and Auguste’ (my faithful canine companion)

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