Our Journey

30 Day Commitment - Introduction

Once upon a time, back in the beginning of March this year (2013) I suggested a ‘30-Day Commitment’. Before I elaborated, I observed the trepidation, resistance & doubt move across the room. Looks shot back and forth, eyes dropping to the floor or furrowed brows. Shoulders dropped and there was some nervous shifting about. Audible groans & mutterings floated through.

Next to come, was my ‘re-enactment performance’ of what I perceived. This was immediately followed by the sound of our laughter. Together we shifted the energy of the room into spaciousness and balance. And, in flowed the willingness to consider the possibilities !

The Guidelines

  1. Write your name on the ‘Commitment’ list (You must put pen to paper yourself, rather than me writing your name down for you).
  2. Roll out your mat once a day for 30 days and at the least, step both feet onto it and then roll it back up (don’t just leave it unrolled for the 30 days).
  3. Sleep on it, do your work on it (yes, even on your iPad or mobile phone), eat your meal, drink your tea, play with your pet/ cuddle your child (or vice versa), kick/stomp/dance on it, read on it, cry on it, laugh on it, notice it needs a wash (then wash it!) and even practice asana, pranayama or meditation.
  4. There is no time limit of any kind once you are on your mat.
  5. If you forget, it is OK, you can still continue. Or if you originally chose not to participate and then had a change of heart, just write the words ‘30 Day Commitment’ on a piece of paper, sign your name and begin.
  6. It is your 30 days. Start and/or stop whenever you like.
  7. Endeavour to observe how you felt before you signed up (if you did sign up), how you felt before you rolled out your mat (or when you didn’t roll out your mat), how you felt during your time on the mat, how you felt after you rolled up your mat.
  8. If you like, email me with your experiences or write to yourself about it.

My commitment to you

  1. The 30 Day Commitment paper that you signed would not be used for any other purposes (i.e. making lists of students interested in meditation). It served only as a ‘hands on’, beginning step towards your commitment.
  2. Not to discuss any of your experiences that you shared with me unless you agree and if so, anonymity would be maintained, if you wished.
  3. To remind you my intention was to offer an awareness of an opportunity that is always available, that is to cultivate being the observer of your self and to practice self-study without judgement, criticism or analysis.
  4. That I am grateful for any feedback you may offer so that I also continue to learn and grow.
  5. Whether you chose to participate or not, you will always have my love, support and respect.
  6. I do not tell you when 30 days is up….it’s your call. Maybe it goes on and on and on….and on and on. You can always do this whenever you decide to.

There’s been a wonderful influx of ‘Meditation Commitments’ online. Have a look to see if any of them inspire you to join. If not, then continue with what you are doing, be gentle and remember its fine to ‘nibble around the edges’.

Have a look at what some of the experiences have been…