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30 Day Commitment - Your Comments

‘I cried more than once on my mat at home’

‘It made me laugh out loud when I saw myself unroll my mat and just step all over it and roll it back up’

‘My son and I had our dinner on my mat’

‘I lay on my mat sideways and rolled myself up inside it and just stayed there for awhile…Does that count?’

‘Rolling out my mat helped me to feel much more present and grounded’

‘I surprised myself by staying on my mat for over an hour just doing different asanas, even ones I don’t normally like’

‘ ..took a nap on my mat and slept really well !!’

‘I showed my little one how to do some yoga poses with me’

‘I took a pen and started writing all over my mat’

‘I felt like I ruined it all when I forgot to roll out my mat’

‘I didn’t do the 30 days, I did 5 days but I still felt good about it’

‘I used a blanket in place of my mat when we went away’

‘I chose not to do it and I felt that was ok’

‘My friend came over a couple of times and we did some partner yoga’

‘I practised one movement of stepping my leg forward which is difficult for me’

‘Sat cross legged and read my novel’

‘I realised I am rarely alone’

‘I felt guilty when I didn’t do it. Guess I need to reflect on that’

‘I was surprised I remembered to do it every day, even at the last minute’

‘I watched Coronation Street on it’

‘I stood on it while I did the washing up’

‘did some sun salutations today’

‘didn’t remember today to roll it out, but actually used some of what I learned before whilst sitting on it and observing myself ’

‘I did a half hour yoga dvd, it made me appreciate being able to go to class’

‘We played a board game then used the mat as the imaginary ocean’

‘I realised how much pressure I put on myself to accomplish things’

‘I have been standing on my mat first thing, there is a lovely feeling of calm’

‘had a one minute dance on it today’

‘I chanted a little today and really enjoyed it ‘

‘…did a guided meditation off the internet’

‘my cat threw up on my mat so I had to wash it’

‘had a glass of wine and some Bombay mix on my mat last night’

‘I cried and imagined my mat soaking up all my tensions and having them sucked down into the earth’

‘was moving to Mozart on my mat’

‘I washed my mat’

‘I lost count of the days but I stopped worrying about it and I am still doing it’

‘learning a lot about my tendencies..’

‘think I’m giving some good entertainment for my partner since he tends to laugh at some of the poses I’m trying to do’

‘my mat feels special’

‘I’ve decided to go ahead and try one of the internet commitments now’

‘This has really helped me’

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